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We have organisational, financial potential as well as a broad scope of activities which, when combined, allow us to offer effective and innovative solutions which meet the highest standards and follow the most modern trends.

We have been active in catering sector for

10 years now


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catering dishwashers


specialised furnaces


production kitchens in Poland

Thanks to the experience we acquired during many years of cooperation with our customers, we are certain that quality of the meals we offer depends on a distribution system which is selected adequately.

Depending on the needs and expectations of a given hospital as well as based on a thorough analysis of the facility (topography of the hospital, transport routes layout), we offer two basic distribution systems:

Individual (tray) system

Meals, prepared in a central kitchen, are portioned in accordance with individual dietary recommendations directly onto the trays. Tight-fitted coverings of the trays or dishes put on them make it impossible for liquid meals to spill, they also ensure bacteriological safety of the meals. Trays are located on transport carts which, if such a need occurs, make it possible to regulate the temperature of the meals to be served.

Collective system with the use of multigenic carts

Meals, prepared in a central kitchen, are packed and transported to patients, collectively in catering boxes which are located on a specifically enclosed carts. Multigenic carts make it possible to preserve the right temperature of the meals, in case of meals that require both warm and cool conditions. The fact that the carts are enclosed ensures microbiological cleanliness of the meals and crockery they are put on.

Why choose us?

Professional staff – our 60 dietitians contact hospital nutritionists on a daily basis to compose diets. Central Dietetics Group managed by Chief Dietician composes optimal diets aim of which is to support the treatment of the patient while simultaneously making use of the information provided by the market which concerns accessibility of products and their prices. Purchase Division monitors the prices every day in order to provide our kitchens with the best goods, while keeping in mind the price-level our customer agreed to.

Modern systems of meal distribution - during the last couple of years we have visited kitchens and hospitals in the majority of highly developed countries around the world in order to be able to offer solutions thanks to which we can, while increasing quality, sustain competitive price of catering services, particularly for health care in its broadest sense. We cooperate with technologists and experts who are responsible for implementation in a few European countries. We offer solutions only after consulting experts who work for the leading manufacturers of catering equipment in the world. You can be sure that there is a way to solve your situation - we will find and implement it in a professional manner that will be adapted to your needs.

IT systems - We use an advanced customised software which makes it possible for us to professionally manage the process of: storing, dietetics, production planning, portioning and distribution. Hospital staff can provide information concerning headcount as well as place request for diets through user-friendly on-line system.

Ethics - We are a stable employer which focuses on providing legal employment. Often, in working with people we go beyond professional tasks. Those who work for us include people of different ages, those who want to work part-time, people with various disabilities and foreigners.

Ecology - We are experts in solutions which reduce bio-waste in facilities with mass catering. By using our equipment we are able to reduce bio-waste volume by 70%. Technologies that we use, which are innovative in the Polish market and most advanced as far as European market goes, allow us to fully process the waste by means of bio fermentation. In addition, we use PV solutions which directly influence the ecology by helping to produce about 40% of energy.