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Why choose us


  • We guarantee qualified staff which has broad experience and is continuously expanding its skills.
  • We guarantee adequate work organisation which is adapted to the nature of customer’s needs.
  • We guarantee technologies which are selected appropriately thus making it possible to perform the work correctly.
  • We guarantee work quality control as well as efficient information flow that allows to eliminate possible inaccuracies quickly.
  • As for the integrated sanitary and hygenic services, we provide modern solutions together with disinfection and biodecontamination using specialised equipment and professional cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.
  • We provide high-level services in accordance with EU requirements standards and procedures.
  • We make every effort for the quality of our services to always fulfill the expectations of our customers.
  • We have indispensable knowledge, infrastructure as well as organisational resources to ensure the highest standard of agreement performance, its stability and security.

Areas we are active in


Private units


Private units

70% of staff

with over 15 years of experience


is the number of service employees who have the licence of health care assistant


is the number of patients for whom we perform support activities in one month


is the number of hospital beds with sanitary and hygenic services performed in one month


Is the number of employees


Optimisation of costs

  • Professional selection of staff – work efficiency


Flexibility in adapting services

  • Service adapted to customers’ expectations
  • Direct supervision over the service
  • Professional equipment and up-to-date technologies (we cooperate with the biggest manufacturers and distributors of products, equipment and materials which are necessary to perform the service)



  • Uniform standards for service and supervision in every location
  • Renowned partner – experience confirmed with references
  • Quality of the services confirmed with certificates

What do we do?

Hospitals and other medical facilities all around Poland entrust us with responsible tasks, such as

Integrated sanitary and hygenic services, supporting services which are closely related to medical prevention services and which aim to save, restore and improve health in medical area of the hospitals

As for the cleaning service provided by our company, it comprises of:

  • washing,
  • disinfection,
  • cleaning,
  • fine cleaning,
  • floor maintenance and acrylating,
  • vacuuming,
  • decontamination of rooms and equipment with the use of Steris VHP and Aerosept 100VF,
  • alpine window cleaning,
  • washing and fine cleaning of façades,
  • marble crystallisation
  • impregnating and grinding of stone floors
  • handling of washes, disinfectors, macerator pumps, dishwashers, sterilisers

Comprehensive facility management and cleaning services in non-medical area of the hospitals

  • assisting in hygenic activities
  • assisting in postmortem care
  • assisting in patients’ hygenic activities with the nurse present
  • assisting in changing underwear, changing clothes, putting the clothes on
  • assisting in feeding the patients
  • handing, picking up and emptying the urine pots, bowls and bedpans
  • assisting in changing diapers and changing positioning of the patients
  • assisting in moving the patients
  • assisting in portioning meals and handing them to the patients
  • picking up used dishes after meals
  • changing the bedding when stained or after the patient has been discharged
  • washing and disinfecting beds and mattresses and changing the bedding
  • preparing beds for new patients
  • sorting and counting dirty underwear
  • sorting and putting clean underwear in designated places
  • assisting the nurse in changing the nightwear, underwear of the patient
  • assisting the medical staff in changing clothes and shoes as well as in their preparations to perform medical procedures
  • assisting during surgeries and medical procedures
  • handing the bedpan, pot, urine pot, kidney dish, bowl, if requested.

Costs optimisation by means of integrating and performing accessory services, such as handling of front rooms, coatrooms, technical maintenance, outdoor maintenance, internal transport.

  • transportation of waste from organisational units to the place of storing
  • transportation of dirty underwear to collection centre, warehouse, place of storing
  • transportation of clean underwear to the wards
  • transportation of bodies from the wards to dissecting-room, pro morte rooms
  • transportation of bio-samples for diagnostic tests
  • receipt of tests results and transporting them to organisational units of the hospital
  • transportation of patients for diagnostic tests, consultation
  • transportation of dirty fabric and equipment to sterilisation
  • transportation of sterilised products to the wards
  • transportation of supplies from the hospital’s pharmacy to the wards
  • transportation of medical equipment to the wards
  • transportation of equipment and objects for scrapping and assistance with loading and unloading them
  • transportation, loading and unloading of equipment and pieces of furniture during moving, renovating, etc.
  • transportation of pieces of furniture, equipment, big parcels, etc. to organisational units
  • transportation of products from the warehouse to the wards
  • transportation of blood and blood products
  • transportation of sterilised products from central sterilisation unit to operating theatre as well as of clean surgical shoes to operating theatre
  • assistance with delivering meals to the patients, picking up dishes from sickrooms
  • transportation of dressings and drugs to the wards and other organisational units of the hospital
  • transfer of documentation between individual organisational units of the hospital
  • transportation of materials and supplies within individual organisational units of the hospital
  • transportation of beds from the bed storage unit, if such a need occurs
  • delivery of test results to the ward

We have introduced a system in accordance with which we perform our contracts.

  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ‘Gwarant Czystości i Higieny’ certificate (Guarantee of cleanness and hygiene)
  • ISO 45001:2018