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Application for a given advertisement

Read exactly who we are looking for. We never overstate the requirements for candidates, making sure that the scope of tasks and expectations reflect our real needs. If you find our offer interesting, send us your resume. We will contact you if it passes the first stage of selection.


Telephone call

We respect the time of our customers, business partners and job applicants. Therefore, in many recruitment processes we use a telephone call with the recruiter as the next step. The interview should not last longer than 30 minutes. During the interview you will be able to ask us questions you find important. When making an appointment with you, we always care about discretion. We also want you to be able to prepare for it and be comfortable talking to us. That is why we will agree with you on a date and time that suit you.



We want you to get to know us and talk about our offer. In the next step we will invite you to a meeting. It will be an interview with a person from the HR department or the superior of the department to which we are looking for an employee. Prepare for this interview. Also think about your financial expectations and other important elements of work, which will influence your decision on choosing an employer. If during this interview you are asked to take some tests or prepare a task, you will surely be informed about it earlier.


Employment decision and contract signing

The last step is a meeting where we agree on the terms and conditions of employment. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the employment contract, we will tell you how the implementation process looks like. If you have not met your supervisor before, this time you will definitely meet them. We act ethically – all information obtained by us during the recruitment process is confidential. After the process is completed, we destroy all notes and documents.