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All our employees and associates are obliged to follow the principles contained in the Code. We want to stand out not only in terms of the high quality of our services, but, above all, our conscious approach to business.

The Code of Ethics is our response to the expectations of the market, which is demanding yet creates broad prospects for the development of FM services, catering and patient transport sector. The Code is an expression of our maturity and readiness to introduce good changes in our environment.

We compete

We do not tolerate
corruption and
dishonest behaviour

We care about the
confidentiality of
company information

We do not make
false declarations

We care about
the company image

We do not steal

We do not infringe
business secrecy and
do not disclose information
of value to the company

We take care of
relations with
business partners

We do not tolerate physical
and mental violence

We treat each other
with respect

Download our Code in PDF

Download the Code

When I see one of these rules being broken:

I look – I see – I react

I report to my supervisor or to