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Icebreakers – in a category of supported employment and it ranks as No. 1 in Poland

Naprzód Hospital Sp.z.o.o company included in Rekeep Polska S.A capital group is a winner of this year’s edition of Lodołamacze [Ice Breakers] competition.This means that our company was awarded the Icebreaker title in a category of supported employment and it ranks as No. 1 in Poland. We competed with many companies which, similarly to us, suport the phenomenon of employment of people with disabilities by creating workplaces for such people. Thanks to our dozen years of determination, we were noticed and our efforts were appreciated by the jury of the competition which included the highest rank of representatives of public administration: Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy, Minister of Health, heads of various offices –  The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Chief Labour Inspectorate, The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People. It was the 17th edition of the competition and the 17th time when these employers which are an example to follow as far as employment of people with disabilities is concerned, received their prizes at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

This award proves to us that we are an inclusive organisation which is open to diversity and that what characterises us is flexibility thanks to which we are a Leader on the ever-changing market. Such companies are the only ones which will survive in the times of the B rittle A nxious, N on-linear I ncpreceptible where, just as in a quantal world, nothing is constant.

This award will remind us that all our employees are our most valuable capital, and we purposefully do not use a word resource here because resources are something you use and the capita lis something you invest in. Everyone who cooperates with people with various ailments or is helpful to such people added his own element to this success. We work with exceptional people who cope with difficulties exceptiionally well. All it takes is to give them a chance. We want for them to view themselves exactly how we see them – through their competence, engangement and outstanding loyalty..

We will try to BE more, DO more and GIVE more.

Thank you!

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